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Interactive Caregiving & Companion care in Cincinnati, OH

Learn how interactive caregiving improves companion care and senior living.

If you Google "Senior Care Providers", you will find a plethora of results, and most of them will sound truly fantastic. At the forefront of their information, most senior care providers will highlight their extensive range of supports and services, their ability to provide numerous daily living accommodations, and stress the areas of care in which they specialize. While these are certainly essential components of in-home services, Comfort Keepers believes there is something more important.

How Does Interactive Caregiving Make Comfort Care Better in Cincinnati, OH?

At Comfort Keepers, the primary goal of senior companion care is improving a senior's independence, freedom, and quality of life while ensuring they are safe and happy in the comfort and convenience of their own home. While providing top-quality physical supports and services is most certainly important, at Comfort Keepers, it is the senior that is always the primary focus. Instead of simply completing tasks, caregivers spend time with the senior to learn how each area impacts the senior and how they want the tasks to be accomplished.

Through Comfort Keepers trademarked method of companion care, interactive caregiving, seniors are the focus of every aspect of care. This is important because seniors are not simply people who need help with daily living activities, they are individuals with social, emotional, and cognitive needs as well. By taking the time to learn about the senior and discovering what they enjoy, like, dislike, and are passionate about, caregivers can engage and interact with seniors in meaningful discussions.

Through interactive caregiving, care providers also learn about the activities that seniors enjoy. For example, some may enjoy walking, playing cards, or scrapbooking while others may want to garden, golf, or spend time talking about their grandchildren. By tapping into a senior's passions, caregivers can exponentially elevate their level of care.

For more information about Comfort Keepers companion care or the many ways interactive caregiving can help your senior loved one maximize the quality of their elder years, contact a senior home care coordinator today. 

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