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Become a Caregiver in West Chester, OH

read about the benefits of being a caregiver and why this field may be right for you.

The media is often harsh in their review of caregiving. Take the recent article in the New York Times that noted, "caring for an elderly relative is so stressful, relentless and draining that it takes a toll on your well-being. Some studies have shown that it can increase your risk of depression and heart disease, impair your immune system, even contribute to death." With this sort of information, who would ever want to become a caregiver?

Why Become a Caregiver in West Chester, OH?

The truth is that not everybody feels so negatively about caregiving. In fact, a study by the National Opinion Research Center found that most care providers (83 percent) said that their caregiving experience was positive and beneficial to both their senior loved one and themselves. These care providers did not deny that the care could be difficult and stressful, but the positives far outweighed the negatives.

The study cited several great reasons to join the caregiving industry, including:

  • Knowing your senior loved one is safe and receiving the best possible care.
  • Knowing that you helped better another person's life.
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of the value of life.
  • Setting a positive example for the family.

Contrary to the negative press, choosing to become a caregiver also has many positive physical and cognitive benefits. In fact, the American Psychological Association found that care providers who focused on the positive aspects of caregiving were less likely to suffer from depression than non-care providers. Further, due to the physical and active nature of caregiving, those who work in this space as a group, tend to be physically stronger and face fewer instances of cognitive decline than their non-caregiving counterparts.

Caregiving is not all sunshine and roses, but those who choose to focus on the positive aspects of caring for a loved one while maintaining a positive care-life balance tend to be better for it. If you are considering becoming a professional care provider, remember: you don't have to do it alone. Comfort Keepers care providers can work in tandem with you, provide regular assistance, or even provide full-time care when you need a respite.

For more information about choosing to become a caregiver or to learn more about the many ways Comfort Keepers in-home care providers can help contact a senior home care coordinator today. 

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