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Post-Hospital Recovery with Comfort Keepers of West Chester, OH

Jul 17, 2017 by Kristina Butler

Comfort Keepers home care providers go to great lengths to help seniors maximize their safety and quality of life while they are living in the comfort of their own home. Part of this care is designed to help seniors maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid hospitalization. Sadly, despite the very best efforts of all involved, accidents happen and illnesses occur.

When hospitalization is completed, seniors are released into their own care. Many times, however, the doctor's orders call for care and supervision for 24-72 hours. Other times, a senior's condition may be such that they need help with daily living assistance, wound care, medication management, or personal care. Seniors who live with another who is capable may have no problems with these situations. Others who live alone or with another who is not able to provide the level of care necessary may find themselves in a bind. This is where Comfort Keepers hospital to home transition services come in.

Post-hospital recovery is an essential component to a senior's well-being. According to the National Institute of Health, a third of seniors will be re-admitted to the hospital before their post-hospital follow-up appointment with their doctor. Another 50 percent will be readmitted within 30 days. The vast majority of these readmissions are highly preventable, being related to a failure to follow doctor's orders and issues with medication.

Comfort Keepers caregivers can prepare the home prior to a senior's discharge so it is safe and accessible. Many times, this involves preparing a ground floor room as a temporary bedroom so stairs can be avoided and opening walkways to accommodate assistive devices.

Caregivers also help seniors understand a physician's orders. Far too many seniors are discharged while they are still groggy and don't truly understand the orders. Caregivers also help with medication management so the right medications are taken at the proper time and in the proper dosages.

One of the most important components of post-hospital recovery is not physical. In fact, feelings of loneliness and helplessness are often more painful than physical injuries. Comfort Keepers caregivers ensure your senior loved one feels wanted, valued, and respected.

In short, just because your senior loved one has been discharged from the hospital, it does not mean they have recovered from their illness or injury. Research suggests that with in-home care, recovery is more rapid and improved and instances of hospital readmission are significantly reduced. For more information about Comfort Keepers post-hospital care, contact a senior care coordinator today.

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