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Preparing for Winter with Senior Home Care Solutions in West Chester, OH

Oct 19, 2017 by Kristina Butler

Now that it's midway through October, seniors should start thinking about preparing for winter. One common area that is often overlooked when considering winter preparations is updating their senior home care solutions. Just as the seasons change, so do your senior loved ones needs.

Winter increases the risk of frequent falls or injuries from slipping. Ice and snow make walkways, steps, and parking areas especially dangerous. One of the most dangerous times for seniors is stepping out of the house or getting out of the car. When warm shoes or boots hit the snow or ice it creates a slippery surface. Making matters worse, people are typically preoccupied with other thoughts when leaving the house or car. They are thinking about what they are carrying, about closing the door, about where they are going, and they are not thinking about where they are stepping.

To increase safety, shoes and boots with good traction should be worn. Even better, removable cleats can be added to footwear. Effective home care solutions include helping seniors choose proper outwear, including the best shoe and boots for the conditions.

Winter may also lead to a messier home. From piles of laundry due to extra layers that need to be worn to keep warm to extra dishes in the sink, seniors may require extra home care assistance. With the extra time it takes to get ready to go out and the time it takes to get unbundled, the housekeeping may start to fall behind.

Many seniors also lose energy and focus during the winter due to seasonal affective disorder (SAD) which occurs due to the lack of sunlight and vitamin D. If you visit your loved one’s home during the winter and notice piles of laundry, dirty dishes, or a trash can full of garbage that has not been taken out, they may be struggling with activities of daily living.

Winter is also a time when seniors tend to get sick more than other seasons. From the flu to pneumonia, and illness can lead to serious medical concerns. Even when it only lasts for a short time, seniors who live alone may require some senior home care solutions to remain safe and independent while they are recovering.

In short, there are many things that seniors should consider when planning for winter. While they most certainly should have their car winterized and their boiler serviced, they should also make certain they  have the senior home care solutions in place that are going to keep them safe, healthy, and enjoying a high quality life. 

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