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Homecare Assistance & the New Year in West Chester, OH

Jan 11, 2018 by Kristina Butler

If you visited with senior loved ones during the holidays and returned home worried about their safety and well-being, you are not alone. Before thinking about uprooting the family or calling nursing homes, make it your New Year's resolution to consider the option of homecare assistance.

One of the first things "concerning" things we notice about our senior loved ones is often a loss of mobility. From trouble getting into or out of a chair to an altered or slowed gait, mobility issues can have a dramatic impact on a senior's quality of life. Many times, seniors have learned to cope with their mobility issues and no longer even think about it, but when loved ones visit for the holidays, it draws quite a bit of attention.

Mobility issues are not just frustrating; they can also be dangerous. From bruises that come from bumping into tables and chairs to falls that can land a senior in the emergency room, a loss of mobility can be a warning sign that a senior can use assistance to remain safe and independent. In fact, senior falls are the leading cause of injury-related injury and death in seniors, and three out of four falls occur in the home.

Mobility issues also tend to impact a senior's socialization, diet, weight, and overall health. A home caregiver can come alongside your senior loved one and provide the support they need to get around town and reinvigorate their social life, go shopping and cook up nutritious meals, and safely participate in a physical fitness plan. In addition to physical supports, homecare assistance also provides essential social and emotional supports that help keep a senior’s spirits up.

Mobility is just one of many tell-tale signs that your loved one may require some daily or weekly care and support. Other indicators include signs of forgetfulness, poor personal hygiene, a messy home, changes in personality, and plants or animals that appear to need some TLC as well.

For more information about making your New Year's resolution a reality, and taking the first steps in arranging homecare assistance for your senior loved one, contact a Comfort Keepers home care coordinator for a free in-home consultation today. 

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