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Find out how companion care can help keep seniors active and engaged in West Chester, OH

Summer is finally here. Most seniors cannot wait to get out of the house and enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors. However, not everybody feels this way. Depression, loneliness, and isolation can wreak havoc on a senior's quality of life. In fact, depressed people usually try to avoid social interactions which further isolates them. Comfort Keepers companion care can help.

While clinical depression is a serious medical condition that requires medical intervention, loneliness and isolation can cause seniors to feel depressed. Dealt with in time, these feelings can be prevented from causing further or more serious harm. By increasing a senior's socialization, physical activity and mental interaction, Comfort Keepers companion care providers help senior's ward off isolation, fight depression, and increase their enjoyment of life.

The first step in avoiding isolation and loneliness is often as "simple" as getting out of the house. Granted, this often isn't simple for seniors who are not excited about getting out and about. Companion care providers help seniors work through the social, emotional, and physical challenges that often accompany even a small trip.

Sometimes seniors need to be reminded about the many positive contributions they can make to the community. By volunteering, seniors can rediscover the camaraderie and self-esteem they enjoyed while they were working without the stress and pressure of employment. Hospitals, schools, senior centers, and myriad other non-profits are always looking for reliable volunteers. Many seniors are not emotionally or physically able to volunteer on their own. Comfort Keepers companion care providers can get them started and provide the support they need.

Studies have shown that even a short time with a pet can reduce stress and improve happiness. Yet, seniors may not be able to provide all of the care a pet needs by themselves. Comfort Keepers in-home care and support can help. They can also help seniors with transportation so they can get to the dog park, store, or vet.

Senior isolation, loneliness, and depression is a serious concern. Comfort Keeper companion care helps seniors stay active, vital, and enjoying life. For more information or to schedule a free in-home consultation, contact a Comfort Keepers senior care coordinator today.

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