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Avoiding Caregiver Burnout in West Chester, OH

Learn how family care providers can avoid caregiver burnout in West Chester, OH.

The Family Caregiver Alliance estimates that between 40 and 70 percent of family care providers "have clinically significant symptoms of depression" and half suffer from other emotional, mental and physical health problems. These chronic and progressive disorders are just some of the symptoms of what is classified as caregiver burnout.

Averting Caregiver Burnout in West Chester, OH

The good news is that while caregiver burnout may be common, there are ways to minimize the risks and reverse the symptoms. Consider these three effective suggestions:

Keep things calm and relaxed. Many symptoms of caregiver burnout are related to stress. By finding ways to minimize stressors and increase activities known to lower stress may reduce the risks of burnout. For instance, pets, especially dogs and cats, are known to reduce both stress and blood pressure. The good news is that spending time with pets is not just good for seniors, it is good for the care provider as well.

Art and music therapy are also proven methods to reduce stress and create a calmer, more relaxed caregiving environment. As with pet therapy, art and music are not just great methods for creating a positive environment for seniors, these activities are also tremendously beneficial for care providers. Not only can seniors and their family care takers bond over art projects and music, but the process can be fulfilling for all involved.

Creating and following effective routines are an important key to avoiding caregiver burnout. When seniors do not have routines, especially seniors suffering from memory or cognitive issues, their stress increases which often leads to emotional outburst and other adverse behavior. Many care challenges, such as sundowning, can also be moderated by an effective schedule and care routine. By keeping a loved one's challenging behaviors in-check by maintaining a positive and predictable routine, care providers can reduce stressors that lead to burnout.

Of course, the number one way to avoid caregiver burnout is to share the responsibility of care, take some time off, and create a positive care-life balance. For many family care providers, however, especially those who find themselves in a "one-deep" position, this may seem like an impossible dream. Thankfully, with the support of Comfort Keepers in-home care, it does not have to be.

In short, in the United States, caregiver burnout is a very real challenge that impacts tens of millions of family care providers each year. With proper planning, a well-established routine, and support, however, caregiver burnout can be avoided and/or remedied. For more information on caregiver burnout or the many ways Comfort Keepers caregivers can help, contact a senior care coordinator today. 

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